No matter how carefully you budget, there is certain to come a time when you will need to find some extra cash to cover an emergency car repair, medical bill or other unexpected expense. When this type of financial crisis occurs in your life, one or more of these four options can be used to help you obtain the quick loan you need.

One: A Temporary Loan From Relatives or Friends

This can be both the quickest and cheapest route to finding fast cash during an emergency situation. In most cases, a short-term loan from a relative or friend can be arranged with little or no interest and the cash will be available immediately. Be aware, however, that relationships can turn toxic if you find yourself unable to repay this type of loan quickly. To avoid this complication, make sure to carefully discuss the loan terms with the lender and come up with a written agreement that specifies the exact terms of the loan and make sure you honor your commitment promptly.

Two: Pawn Something

Another way to get instant cash is to pawn something of value, such as jewelry, electronics or collectibles. Because the pawn broker's offer will only represent a small portion of the item's actual value, be prepared to pawn something of significant worth in order to obtain the amount of cash you need. When choosing this option, make sure you fully understand the terms before agreeing to pawn the item, including the possibility of forfeiture if you cannot meet or extend the terms of the original pawn agreement.

Three: Personal Loan Through the Bank or Credit Union

If your credit is unblemished and your have a good income, your bank or credit union will often be prepared to offer you an immediate, unsecured personal loan. If, however, you have lost your job or your credit report is less than perfect, this option may not be available or it may require you to also have another party sign the loan agreement with you. Be cautious when considering this type of situation because the other party will be held financially responsible for the debt, if you are not able to repay it. 

Four: Take Out Some Type of Quick Loan

One of the fastest ways to obtain immediate cash in an emergency is to take out some type of quick or payday loan. Because these lenders usually do not require any type of credit check, they can be used even when a job loss or poor credit makes a bank loan for cash now impossible. As with any type of loan, make sure you understand the agreement fully and never borrow an amount higher than you will be able to easily repay in a timely fashion.