If you are going to be selling your old gold jewelry at some point soon, then you might be wondering how much you will be paid for your gold. There are a few different things that impact the amount that you get for selling your gold jewelry. If you are curious about the types of things that impact the amount that you will receive for your gold, consider the points below. If you talk to a gold buyer, you can find out a little more about what you can expect to get paid for your gold items.

What is Going to Be Done With Your Jewelry

First of all, how much you will get for your jewelry will depend on what is going to be done with your jewelry. Basically, if your jewelry is going to be resold as is -- such as if you have a valuable gold ring that has a diamond or other valuable stone in it -- then you can typically expect to be paid more. If your gold jewelry is going to be melted down and used for other things, then you probably won't be paid quite as much.

How Much Your Jewelry Weighs

Typically, when people sell their gold, they get paid based off of the weight of the gold. This is the case when gold is going to be melted down and used to make other jewelry or for other purposes. If this is how your jewelry is sold, then you will be paid based off of how much your jewelry weighs. If you bring more jewelry -- even if it's broken or damaged -- then you can get a higher amount. Therefore, if you want to be paid as much as possible, you should consider going through your jewelry box and selling all of the gold jewelry that you don't like or wear.

The Current Value of Gold

If you have ever sold metal to a metal recycling company, you might be aware of the fact that metal fluctuates in value from day to day. This is true for precious metals like gold, too. Basically, this means that if you sell some of your gold today and some of your gold tomorrow, there is a chance that you will be paid at a different rate each day. It's not a bad idea to check into the rates that different gold buyers are offering from day to day. Then, when rates are on the higher side, you might find that it's a good time to sell your gold. This can be particularly important if you are selling a lot of gold at one time, since even a minor difference in value can make a big difference if you are selling a lot of weight in gold at once.

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