It's tax season again, and many people are trying to find someone who can help them file their taxes. However, not all tax preparers are created equal. There are some that are a higher quality than others, with more training and more competence. Since you are trusting someone with all of your personal and private information, you should focus on finding a professional with a lot of great experience. In an effort to help you find someone you can trust, here are a few tips to know the professionals from the novices. 


Someone who has been trained to file taxes and is registered to file them for compensation will have a preparer tax identification number (PTIN). Once they have prepared your taxes, they will have to submit this number along with your paperwork in order to have it accepted. While the system is not failproof, if the professional you are going with has a PTIN, you can be more confident that they are trustworthy. 

E-File Is Necessary

Someone who is up to date with their certifications will be able to E-File your taxes for you. This means that they will be able to submit your taxes over the internet, allowing them to be received sooner. One of the biggest reasons to look for someone who can E-file is that you will often refund faster than sending your return in via the mail. 


If you go to a qualified professional such as a certified personal accountant, attorney, or enrolled agent, they will be able to represent you in front of the IRS, should there be a problem. Trusting someone who cannot represent you could result in you going to an audit collection by yourself. Having someone who can help you should something go wrong is worth hiring a skilled professional. You may pay slightly more for a skilled professional, but knowing that they will do your taxes correctly is worth the expense. 

In conclusion, it takes a little effort to find an experienced professional who you can trust with all of your most personal and private information. Before you trust someone that extensively, make sure they are qualified to handle your information correctly. The government offers a website where you can look up certified professionals in your area. Make sure you check it before you make your final decision of who will prepare your taxes this year. 

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